Terry Kyle

Is There An Affiliate Program For
Terry Kyle's
Monster Truck SEO?

Yes there is and here are the details:

* The Monster Truck SEO Affiliate Program is ONLY open to CURRENT subscribers to Monster Truck SEO.

* The affiliate commission for each verified signup is $99 in total i.e. like web hosting affiliate programs, the commission payable here is a ONE-OFF commission of $99 and NOT recurring - make sure that you understand that point before joining the program.

* Subscribing to Monster Truck SEO through your own affiliate link is strictly FORBIDDEN and any affiliate caught doing that will be permanently expelled from the MTS platform.

* The affiliate platform we use is aMember.

* Affiliate commissions - remember they are ONE-OFF and NOT recurring, see above - are paid in the month following the successful verified signup e.g. successful referrals in January 2018 are paid in February 2018 etc.

* Affiliates MUST NOT NOT NOT use their MTS test pages for posting their MTS affiliate links. Any affiliate doing so will receive 1 warning and then be permanently excluded from the MTS affiliate program. Instead, normal reviews, analysis, comparison type pages/sites are recommended NOT NOT NOT bulk autogenerated MTS test posts and pages!

* Unsolicited email spam is also strictly FORBIDDEN and will result in permanent exclusion of any affiliate doing that.

​* Any MTS affiliate or MTS user caught in a 'Group Buy' arrangement will be permanently expelled from the MTS platform.

*  To join the Monster Truck SEO Affiliate Program, please email support(at)monstertruckseo.com and the team here will [a] check that you area a current Monster Truck SEO subscriber, and [b] enable affiliate status in your MTS account ASAP.

Please send any follow-up questions to the Monster Truck SEO team via support(at)monstertruckseo.com


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