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INSTANT rankings & INSTANT traffic from Google WITHOUT Backlinks. Ever?

Terry Kyle's ALL-NEW 2018 SEO Strategy & Software Does Just That.

With your OWN websites, NOT YouTube videos & NOT Parasite pages.

Any Niche.
Any Country.
Strong Buyer Intent Keywords.

Say goodbye FOREVER to PBNs, building/buying links and waiting weeks, months or forever to rank on Google & see traffic.

Here's some proof with absolutely ZERO backlinking:

And this MTS test site newly targeting Asus laptop searching traffic is on track for thousands of visits a month from Google solely through Monster Truck SEO software + tactics:

Here we started tracking traffic on Monster Truck SEO tactics on this expired domain with ZERO previous traffic on October 2 2017:

Here we started tracking traffic on Monster Truck SEO tactics on this expired domain with ZERO previous traffic on October 3 2017:

And here we used just ONE aspect of Monster Truck SEO strategy to INSTANTLY rank at #1 for a load of cosmetics terms in Italy (though it's the TRAFFIC we care about, fully explained inside the program):

What exactly is Monster Truck SEO?

Monster Truck SEO - by Terry Kyle - is an all-new training + mass automation tools platform for unprecedented, industrial scale SEO 'mining' of the MASSIVE new + old longtail search query action online wherein Google processes around 800 million all-new, first-time-ever-used search terms DAILY and the conventional tools for keyword research both [a] usually don't show these search terms at all, and [b] if they do, miscalculate estimated search volume for such terms (they show zero traffic when there is often considerable traffic, proof above).

Targeting such terms - when done properly - means basically zero SEO competition, INSTANT rankings on Google (with good domains/sites) and INSTANT traffic from the Google SERPs.

In any niche, in any country, with your OWN websites, NOT YouTube videos and NOT Parasites.

Read more here to understand the ENORMOUS SCALE of [a] the longtail, and [b] the NEW longtail that grows daily and is WIDE OPEN to us SEOs with virtually ZERO competition:


Get off the PBN & Backlink treadmill forever & start getting traffic from Google TODAY:

3 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

What Exactly Do You Get With Monster Truck SEO?


-  Access to the FULL Monster Truck SEO strategy & training syllabus (17+ modules)

- MTS Generator software platform: industrial scale platform for large scale MTS testing in your niche/s

- MTS Mass Post Producer WP plugin: for large scale auto-generation of MTS test pages with content automatically populated

- Access to FREE hosting on Rackspace for 100 HTML sites - for your Monster Truck SEO work AND/OR your own PBNs, it's up to you (comparable hosting, e.g. on pbn.hosting, costs $179 a month)

- Access to the private Monster Truck SEO Mastermind Facebook Group

- Access to all of Terry Kyle's previous SEO program, SEO Traffic Hacks (normally $99 monthly)

- Access to all of Terry Kyle's previous email marketing program, Email Marketing Academy (normally $99 monthly)


*Monster Truck SEO IS Replacing SEO Traffic Hacks
(STH subscribers should change their subscription to Monster Truck SEO please,
all SEO TRAFFIC HACKS & EMAIL MARKETING ACADEMY content is now accessible inside Monster Truck SEO)

Please send any follow-up questions to Terry via support(at)monstertruckseo.com


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